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Help with CTK7200 touch configuration and percussion organs

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Good evening.


I've recently purchased a new Casio CTK7200 and I would like to know how to solve a small difficultie I'm finding with the drawbar organs:


How does the percussion work? I mean if it does only apply when I'm hitting one key and no other key is pressed or what? Also, is there a way to make that hammering trebbles always on no matter how many keys are pressed?


Best regards.


PS. Any suggestion about good patches for playing The Doors (Vox Continental sounds) would be also welcomed.

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Well, after a little research I think I can answer that myself.


Percussion is an addon to some drawbar organs which charges only when you full release the keys, meaning that if you play too fast without fully releasing the first key before pressing the second one, only the first key will sound with percussion because the effect won't get armed again. Anyway, this can be edited on the tone editor at the "perc. decay" setting.


I've found that the drawbar organ emulation is just it, an emulation. It tries to fully replicate the way one of this organs, like a Hammond B3, actually works, and it offers a lot of fun to try all of the available combinations of the 9 harmonic sliders. Anyhow, I'm starting to find the two levers at the top right a bit too notorious, specially when playing on the treble side of the keyboard, when those two are fully down they seem to sound a bit over the mix, like if those 2 harmonics were mixed particularily high in volume. Could be disgusting some times.


Anyway, I've found that in the regular organ bank of tones (not the drawbar organ, I refer to the standard organs) there are a lot of great tones ready to be used (and way easier to be used than the drawbar ones).


PS. I've found that the 11 tone (Elec. Organ 3) on the standard organ bank sounds a bit like the Vox Continental, probably it could be tweaked to resemble one of those ancient transistor organs. I hope Casio could sample a real Vox Continental and a real Farfisa for their next CTK series keyboard...

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