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Anne's stage settings organiser

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File Name: Anne's stage settings organiser

File Submitter: Knuckles

File Submitted: 28 May 2014

File Category: PX-5S Other

This is a stage settings organiser which I made to keep track of my stage settings. It consists of a series of tables set out exactly as the stage settings are laid out on the PX-5s. There is one with the factory stage settings, one with the factory settings in the alternative order, and several blank ones for you to keep a record of your own registration sets.

It fits perfectly onto an ipad.

I refer to mine all the time and could not manage without it.

I have two copies of it available: one in NUMBERS format for the ipad, and the other in EXCEL for windows.

The Excel version is the second file (19.48 kb).... and the numbers version is the first (211.73 kb). Both files are ZIPPED so you will need to unzip them before using them. (Let me know if you are not sure about how to unzip a file and I will help you - either here or in the Facebook group). :)
I hope it may be of use to you. :)

Click here to download this file

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