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XW to ipad with focusrite itrack dock?

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I was planning to get the focusrite itrack dock as a midi & audio interface to connect my XW-G1 with my ipad mini. The dock needs a USB compliant device, but the G1 is not listed on the tested devices list.. Anyone tested this yet? I'ld like to use the keys of the XW-G1 to control animoog, sync with the ipad over usb midi and sync the XW-G1 to my Kaoss Pads over the MIDI out of the XW. 


Thanks for the advice!




ps: this is a copy of a message i posted on the XW fb page.

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AFAIK all Casios built in the last 4 or 5 years are USB MIDI Class Compliant.

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You won't have an issue. There are several Casios on that list and they all behave the same in the way of USB connectivity.

Just a head's up in case you didn't know, the XWs will NOT send audio over the USB connection so pure digital recording isn't possible... you will need to use the line ins on the dock to get audio from the XW to the iPad. 

It looks like a really nice dock. I like how it works with both the full-size and mini. Please post up a review if you get it!

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