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XW-G1 step sequencer - drums question

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Hi everybody, first post. I'm about to pulling the trigger for an XW-G1.


I've downloaded the manual, but I'll have to buy online due lack of dealers etc. in my area and can't check it out in person.


What I would like to know and what I'm not shure about is if I can mix different drum set in a new rhythm pattern / user sequence. 


To give you an example what I mean, let's say I want to use the following sounds:


Kick drum                - Standard Set 1

Hi-Hat                      - Standard  Set 2

Snare                       - Hip Hop Set

Brush Ride Cymbal - Jazz Set




Is this possible?



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Hi and welcome Cassio,


Yes, you can use any and every drum sample you want with the step sequencer and mix them together however you want.... including user created drum samples.   :)


This can be done several ways but the most powerful way is done with the drum set editing mode.  Here you can create your own custom drum set.  For every note, you can edit and choose any drum sample (including user samples) on board the XW-G1 and save it as a new user drum set.  What's more, each note can have up to 4 different velocity switched drum samples.   It's truly mind blowing to what can be done. 

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Hello Cassio....


I'm not sure I'm allowed to do this (we're not supposed to endorse or pitch equipment here but I'm just passing on some info) a certain auction site here in the US is listing a used XW-G1 for 249.00 plus shipping if you might be willing to take a chance on a used one. If I didn't already have an XW-P1 I'd get it myself. I think that's like half the price for a new one.

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