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PX-5s Mainstage 3 Layouts

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File Name: PX-5s Mainstage 3 Layouts

File Submitter: pianomax

File Submitted: 16 Dec 2014

File Category: PX-5S Other

The attached file contains 2 layouts for MainStage 3 that mimic the controls section of the PX-5s.

One layout is graphically simple and "linear", the other is more "photorealistic"; both layouts are unmapped and fully customizable so you can adapt them to your liking and needs.

To use the layout, create a new (or load an existing) Mainstage concert, then go in Layout mode and using the top-left "gear" menu select "Import Layout..".

As a general consideration, if you plan to use the PX-5s with Mainstage, I suggest that you create a specific Stage Setting for that, with a single Zone/Channel and assign generic MIDI CC numbers to S1-6 and K1-4; then you can map them to the layout I posted (and do the rest of mappings, zoning etc. within MainStage)

Click here to download this file

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Thanks for this! But when I import layout it doesn't change. I get the "this is permanent" message, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Any advice? Thanks.

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What's the best way to scroll through performance patches from Mainstage 3. Do you know what cc# I can assign a knob or button to scroll from Px5s?


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