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Mixing tip for step sequencing.

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Hi all did you know the mixer capabilities of the XW extends setting for each channel part.


When you built you're step part on the bare meaning no reverb , chorus, filters or any CC.

Its possible to add them after wards in real time give the step sequence an extra dimension,


The way I do it is making an Performance and assign to each knob a CC like this.


Knob 1 - Chorus

Knob 2 - CutOff

Knob 3 - Release

Knob 4 - Decay


I save this as "Room Eq" mind you I have only assign CC to the knobs. 


Next I've set a step sequence drm1 bd, drm2 sn, drm3 hh, Bass, sol1, sol2 and chord.


Now  start playing the Sseq and then press the "Mixer" button.

Select the part to edit filters/fx in realtime using the "Part -/+"

and while turning the knobs edit each and any part to have a rich 

sound to the overall mixing of the pattern by giving it more or less chorus,

cutoff , release or decay. 


like giving an amount of  chorus to the snare , A longer release on the drums

Have the bass sound a bit dry or pan sol1,sol2.


Off course this can be expanded in to tweaking such as a better strumming fx

while editing a channel real-time. If you then save Step sequence the mixing still there.


Create performance as such that gives you're step sequence a good

mix for that performance.


However this can be done manually also if you press "mixer" and edit the preferences 

for each channel but this way you have more variety in using other CC assigned to the

knobs which are not in accessible through the channel part.


I've done this first with this performance using  PX5S Stage and XW-G1 drums.




Its also easy to undo it all just zero out all knobs for the given fx.

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