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Using the Step Sequencer as a Second Arpeggiator

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I've been impressed by the ability of the PX-5s arpeggiator to send control data (http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/7341-px-5s-arp-angel/), as recently demonstrated by Mike Martin. Then I realised that the XW step sequencer can do this as well, paving the way for it to act like the PX-5s arpeggiator. The XW step sequencer has 4 control tracks which can send CC messages and pitch bends to channels 8-16 and channel 1; which means that it can be used to areggiate live performance in zone 1.


Just specify channel 1 as the destination of the control track in Step Sequencer->Edit->Track Param->Ctrl. Ch. The Ctrl. Ch parameter is hidden deep within the menus and doesn't appear on the Track Param screen until you press Part+ several times to get to the control tracks.


Up to 16 steps need to be set up manually, but effects like tremolo (CC07), vibrato (pitch bend), wah (CC74), autopan (CC10), etc. can all be created, simultaneously if necessary, via the step sequencer; leaving the DSP available for other things. 


The XW arpeggiator and step sequencer can both be running at the same time affecting live performance in zone 1.

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Correction, up to 1,600 steps are available - I forgot about chaining.

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A question, can I send midi informations thru my Roland Integra 7 routing all the midi messages in my DAW Cubase 5 ?


And the Arpeggiator is sending midi messages ? 


It's the major information I could not find anywhere. 


I wrote to Casio France, but, they don't want to answer me ! 

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