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How To Make An Set List Mode On The XW Series.

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This is a nice work around to build an Set List on the XW with performance setting.


Organize which Performance you want in a certain order in User Bank.

Create them so as they all have the same tempo and or Step sequence.


User banks are from 0-0 to 0-9 and 1-0 to 1-9 and so on so any bank can be chosen 

in the order wanted.


Store the performance patches in a User Bank of preference make sure it follows the 

order of you're song like Intro , Verse , Chorus , Bridge etc. beginning for example 

first performance patch with bank 1-0 then 1-1 and so on how you want to play them. 


Then to enter this pseudo set list mode press the Preset/User button to go to User bank.

This is shown when the top of the screen Shows : U:0-1 if bank 0 is where the pieces contain,

If they are on another bank press  then the Num button to select which bank is preferred.


Now its possible to go through every performance one by one pressing the number buttons

1 , 2 ,3 etc.


If an created musical piece is two banks big certainly you can switch real time between them 

off course its possible to knit a big piece-de-resistance using all the banks :).


And this conclude how to build a personalized set list mode on the XW synthesizers.






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