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XW-G1 freeze for a moment

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Hi..this is my 1st topic, i hope i'm in the right room.

the thing is..i've been exploring xw-g1 for around 5 days now, and yesterday something happened. i did some step sequencing and tone editing, and when i set them in perform and run the music, played the keys,then the keyboard suddenly freezed for a moment. i thought there was something wrong with the electricity but then it worked again normally. it happened twice yesterday, but it had never happened on the previous days and hasn't happened yet today. i'm not sure but I think the ipad was attached to it with the midi designer app running at that time, because that was around the time when i started using midi designer as a controller.

can anyone confirm the same problem or is it just the flaw of my g1 keyboard? i think if someone wants use this keyboard for live performance, this kind of problem should not occur

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Hi and welcome to the Casio forums.  I haven't had this happen to me (or heard of this happening) to either XW synths. I would suspect it had something to do with the iPad connection. Next time you jam with the iPad, make sure it is in AIRPLANE mode and all background apps are shut down. See if that helps!

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It happens occasionally when certain user slots are getting full or all of them specially Performance user slots.

It could also happen when a performance has to process allot at once by the amount of routing like controls, Pbend,

assignable knobs and switching performance while using them noticeable latency with the screen not keeping up

character screen gets blank or file names looked garbled the G1 freezes.

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