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Arpeggios??? Do they work??? WK-7500

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In the absense of online learning for the CASIO I often look at others. 


Maybe you've seen Ed Diaz series on Roland ... this one got me inspired so I attempted some arpeggios on the CASIO with disastrous results. . . .


Is there a trick to getting CASIO Arpeggios to work...


I thought I followed each step of the instructions but they never came on.  

At one point the whole keyboard went dead and I had to power down and back up.


It's just a shame there aren't better training aids.

I sometimes think I bought the wrong keyboard, just to save a few bucks.



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The steps in this video apply to the WK-7500.  


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The Arpeggiator and the Auto-Harmonize feature share the same control and the same selection menu, so things can get a bit convoluted, and there are several pit-falls that you can drop into if you miss one or two items that neither the manual nor the video stress very well.  You begin by pressing AND HOLDING the Auto-Harmonize/Arpeggiator button until the "Type" selection menu comes up, and then use the DATA/WHEEL or the - / + buttons to make your selection.  Be aware that selections 1 through 12 are Auto-Harmonize types.  If you select one of these, you will not get an arpeggiator type.  You need to get into selections 13 and above for arpeggiator types.  Once you have made your selection, press the EXIT button to get back into "play" mode, but at this point, the Arpeggiator is still not turned on.  All you have done so far is selected the "type".  To turn the Arpeggiator ON, you MOMENTARILY press the Auto-Harmonize/Arpeggiator button.  From this point on, what momentary presses of the A-H/Arp button do depends upon the selection you made.  If you selected an Auto-Harmonize "type", then momentary presses of the A-H/Arp button turn the Auto-Harmonizer on and off.  If you selected an Arp type, then momentary presses of the A-H/Arp button turn the Arpeggiator on and off.  This can be verified by checking for the indicator blocks at the far left of the display.  An indicator block next to the Auto-Harmonize label indicates that an Auto-Harmonize type is selected and the Auto-Harmonizer is turned on.  A display indicator block next to the Arpeggiator label indicates that an Arpeggiator type is selected and the Arpeggiator is turned on.  No indicator blocks show that the A-H/Arp feature is off.  If you momentarily press the A-H/Arp button and get the wrong indicator, just press and hold the button to bring the "type" selection menu back up and make the proper selection.


Now that you have all this down, see Pages 131 and 132 of the manual for using the FUNCTION menu to set the various Arpeggiator parameters - such as speed, and straight/swing feel, and whether it plays on the UPPER or LOWER side of the split point and whether it stops or plays on (HOLD) after you lift your hands from the keys.


Have fun !





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In Casio User's Manual they simply missed first step!


Use following 4 easy steps for Arpeggiator to kick on!


1. Press Arpeggiator button once

2. Press & Hold Arpeggiator button (second time)

3. Select Arpeggiator style (from 13-162)

4. Play any chord! And there you go!

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