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Adding virtual pitch bend & mod wheels app to AP-650

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Greetings to all!

Has anyone been successful in using ​the iPhone/iPad ModWheels app with the AP-650?

I am​ presently looking into purchasing the AP-650 over the PX-780 based on achieving better quality piano sound aside from the basic engine provided with both DP.  Living in Canada, I cannot yet afford the PX-560 (on top of my wish-list) in its bundled versions.  The AP-650 lacks the pitch bend wheel provided with the PX-780.  Should I use the AP-650 as a controller with a VST (GarageBand for instance), the use of ModWheels would be a nice-to-have.  Finally, I was wondering if the app might have any effet on the internal tones of the AP-650.  

As you might have alrea​dy figured out, I am a newbie here :blink:  

Thanks in advance ​for any advice.

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Hi and welcome to the Casio Forums. The AP-650 recognizes both Pitch Bend and Modulation any app that transmits this via MIDI should work fine. 

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Belated thank you Scott !!
Although I forgot to report back, the app in question does work (worked during latest trial) very well.  It is just unfortunate that I do not use it (yet) o_0
All in due time :-)  Need to concentrate on the essential... practice, practice and more practice.



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