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Help with (apparently) fried USB connection

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I love my PX-130 and decided to try to hook it up as a MIDI controller. I plugged in the USB to a Mac and it made 2 other devices on the USB hub brown out - got a warning that the device was pulling too much power.


I tried hooking it to a Windows computer and it said that the USB device malfunctioned and could not be recognized.


I have tried several different cables, using a USB hub and plugging directly into the computers without success.  I do have a microKORG running as a MIDI controller, so I know the software on the computer side is fine.


I suspect the Casio end of this has malfucntioned somehow. Not sure if there are replaceable parts in the USB controller or if I should send it in somewhere for repair.


Any help that you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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Yeah, sounds like something isn't quite right there. Make sure you get an estimate before going ahead with the repair, as it may make more sense just to upgrade to a new PX-160 or other Privia model. 

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