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Delivery and Unboxing of a GP-300 ?

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Hi everyone, a question about the delivery of a GP-300:


Most of online reseller deliver to the doorstep, ground floor.

Given the weight of a GP-300, 80 kg, I'm wondering how it's packed ?


I guess it's delivered on a wooden pallet, but what about the inside of the box ?


How heavy is the biggest part ? Are 2 adults enough to carry this part up 2 flights of stairs ?


Thank you.



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Well I'll be!  Ok - well the assembly instructions on page 58 of the manual (http://support.casio.com/storage/en/manual/pdf/EN/008/Web_GP300-ES-1A_EN.pdf)

show the pieces. It looks like most of the weight is going to be in the main piano portion: the keyboard, action, amp, and speakers are all in there. So I would say 2 pretty strong people would be needed to schlep it up 2 flights of stairs. 

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i don't know whether this reply is already too late or not :D in Indonesia, there's this writing on GP-300's box that says the weight is about 103kg. just sharing my experience, it took 4 persons to carry the box and assembly this thing. mind that the GP speakers are at the bottom of the unit, and since the unit itself is the heaviest, dont put it with the speakers facing down..it probably can damage the speakers.


i think i would've given up if only given 2 persons carrying it to the 2nd floor..make sure u have 2 very strong ones to minimize the risk ;)

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