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Casio ARST keyboard stand height and fit adjustment

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Hi there,


I'm looking for help with the Casio ARST keyboard stand.  It seems to be a really simple stand that came packaged with a WK-240 keyboard but I have 2 problems with it.


1)  It doesn't fit the keyboard.  It's a simple X stand with 4 feet to rest the keyboard on.  However the keyboard is too deep for the stand so the feet either stick out the front or the back and the keyboard moves around.  The whole thing seems very fragile.  Isn't there anything to attach the stand to the keyboard?


2)  There is a height adjustment feature but the lowest setting is OK for an average to tall adult.  It's much too tall for an adult below average height or a child.  My daughter has to sit on a bar stool to use it.


Does anyone have any experience with this stand?


Thanks in advance,


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Well this is a really inexpensive stand so it is kind of "no frills". People sometimes add some grip tape help secure a keyboard to the top. As far as the height, it designed to be used standing up, You will probably want to invest in something more suitable for your daughter...

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