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Starting a phrase with a rest

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I've had my XW-P1 for a little while, but haven't really made as much use of the sequencing as I would like, so I decided to start playing around a bit.


I was trying to create a bass phrase that begins with a rest. While I realize that I could just play it in real time by hitting the key when I want the first note to sound, I was trying to sync it to other MIDI devices in a loop.


Anyone know how to accomplish this? I feel like it should be obvious, but I can't figure it out.

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You said phrase. Does that mean you are using the phrase sequencer? If so, it will start recording when it sees input from the footswitch, the mod wheel, the pitchbend wheel or the knobs, not just when it sees the first note. You could depress and quickly release the footswitch, or move a knob a tiny bit, in sync with the start of the rest and then record your first note after the rest.

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