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PX-330 Fast Registration Changes

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I'm playing my PX-330 in a gig which requires very fast changes between patches, often without any break. Searching for the correct button on the keyboard to change registrations often takes too long. Is there a way to set up a key or a pedal which can be pressed to cycle through registrations? Or is there a simple software solution to store and change registrations? I've previously used mainstage, however I'd rather use the sounds from the keyboard rather than the software.

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Hi and welcome to the Casio Forums. There is indeed a way to do what you want.. If you have an iPad your best bet is a app called "Set List Maker". It will let you program in all your songs and associate the program changes along with them. Refer to the PX-330 MIDI Imp. guide for the correct codes to send from the iPad to PX-330 http://support.casio.com/pdf/008/PX330_MIDI_e_0910A.pdf 

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