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XW-G1 and external midi sources

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Hi everyone,


New to the forum and first time posting.


I am trying to assign midi channels to control the midi send and receive on specific channels so I can mix external synth sounds with the G1 when using the step sequencer.

There is a midi chart which makes it look straight forward but I can not find the settings in the synth.  Also I always get midi channel one playing the (the solo synth) no matter what number the basic midi channel is set to.


Hoping someone can advise.


Many thanks 



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I don't have a comprehensive answer for you, and I haven't started to use the G1's midi as  yet, but something I read with regard to the P1 recently is that channel 1 is always assigned to either the Solo Synth, Hex Layers, or the Drawbar Organ. I imagine, therefore, that the same applies to the Solo Synth on the G1.

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