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Playback csr file recordings on windows 8

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Hello, I have a PX-330 Piano and I wanted to post recordings on Youtube. When I moved the recorded csr file from my piano to my windows 8 computer i was unable to play back the recording with my DAW program, Reaper; or any other program on my computer. Is there a PX-330 driver available for windows 8 or is there another way I can transfer and playback csr recordings with windows 8?

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Hi and welcome to the Casio forums. As far as I know, the csr is a proprietary format. You probably need to record it with an audio interface or some other method.  

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Hello CatchaMelody. Scott is right, the .CSR format is a "proprietary" Casio file format. Just a few points of clarification. A .CSR file is data, not audio. In this respect it is the same as a .mid or other strictly "data" music file, which can be of course be opened, played and edited with any decent DAW program. The shame of it is that there is no software program that can play, or convert this .CSR to a standard midi ".mid" file-believe me I've looked!  Would be nice, but I can't locate any. And the PX330 can only record and save your playing in this format from within it's internal memory. You will have to record the audio out in "real time."


Fortunately you have stereo 1/4" output jacks on the PX330 which can go right into a digital recorder with 1/4" inputs if you have one. Since you want to render these strictly on a computer, you will need as Scott said, some kind of interface to connect the audio out of the PX330 to the computer audio input, which is typically only a small 1/8" stereo jack, next to the headphone jack usually. You could get an appropriate audio adapter cable and record audio directly into the computer with this or some similar audio cable setup:




Or a better solution would be one of the USB audio boxes for connecting anything requiring 1/4" cables to your computer USB port such as this:




I'm showing these posts as examples, there are others.The Tascam is particularly nice because it presents several types of inputs and controls, there are certainly other similar such as the Behringers. I'm assuming you have no other recorders that would give you a digital audio file that needs to be a .wav audio file in the Windows world, not sure in the Mac world, I think it's an mp4. You could also use any of the small desktop audio mixers that are available now and connect one of these to your computer's audio input jack using the right adapters. Again, Behringer's makes some very nice small mixers as do several other companies.


Whatever audio you record into the computer in whatever way to connect the PX330, you will also need a software program that will record audio, will recognize your computer's audio source in. If you are on the Windows platform, there is Audacity-a freeware program that will record live audio from your computer's input jack, or whatever you decide to use as an audio interface with your computer. I use Goldwave and Audacity, very similar programs. These save your recording as a .wav file, then can convert these into an mp3 or many other audio format files used in the computer world.


So unfortunately there is no simple solution and sorry for the long post-just in case you did not know any of this-if you did, humbly begging off!

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