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Casio GP-510 squeaky sustain pedal

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Greetings folks,


After only 6 months of on/off playing, under an hour a day X 5 days a week. The sustain pedal is squeaky. No problem the fist 20-30 minutes of play, but after that the noise is really annoying. After some YouTube research, Materialix 100% PTFE Dry Lubricant Ultra fine Powder (Teflon Powder) used on acoustic piano, though not digital. Would this be the correct solution?  or warranty claim?



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Thanks, that's what I told the piano store. Salesman said to increase the tension nut that adjusts the height below the pedals.


I've tried increase/decrease height with no luck, however I am trying a toilet shims (sorry yikes) I saw in the garage and it HAS NOT squeak yet with longest playing time of an hour! So we'll see :)

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I have found that the pedals respond to the type of footwear I'm wearing. I cannot play my GP-300 in ordinary shoes without getting the squeaky pedal noise. I'm assuming it has something to do with weight and how the weight is distributed in ordinary shoes. The only footwear I can wear without squeaky pedal noise are Giesswein slippers (I am not associated with the company. It just happens to be the footwear that works for me).

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