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Any balanced output possible? Casio GP

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Is the Casio GP capable of balanced output to connect to a DAC (eg. via USB-B)?




I am using Sennheiser HD600's connected through an external Amp through the RCA cables.

I was wondering if there is a way to connect my GP310 to a DAC/AMP. I want to achieve a balanced output in the process (and of course I would also buy a balanced cable for my headphones).

I figured the RCA output of the piano is inherently unbalanced, so these are are out. There is still the USB-B connection which I can connect to a DAC. But according to the manual it is only to record files. Does it still output raw data to feed to the DAC? I dont want to spend alot of money to find out. From what I figured I also cant circumvent the internal DAC of the piano. But I'm hopefully wrong.


Thanks guys


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Have to see the schematics-see what the audio output consists of. could be dedicated op-amps already, or nowadays could be integrated into anther style of output IC. Years ago, there were companies who promised higher quality audio outputs by installing better quality op-amps and related lower noise components in the output chain. Results were not spectacular.

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Maybe you coan try to use a passive DI box and get a transfomer-insulated output.

@Jokeyman123 I remember that in hi-fi circle swapping op-amp was a thing. Now it's true that there were Philips-branded and Marantz-branded CD players that were very similar, had the same circuit board but some of the circuitry was different, and the Martants ones were sold at a premium. You  could desolder components from the Philips, put the components used in the Marantz and get the better performance, but I duppose was more cost-effective buy directly a Marantz.

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