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After saving and recalling registration with revised distortion settings, the settings don't seem to work right

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I have auto-resume turned on, but when I save a revised DP Organ to a registration after reducing and altering the distortion effect, the distortion changes only seem to work until I turn the PX-S6000 off.  Then, when I turn it back on and recall the registration, they no longer seem to work _even though_ the value changes I made in the distortion effect settings still appear when I check them using the F-Button 10 menu.  I then can get the organ to sound the way I want it to by hitting the F4 key to turn DSP off and then again to turn it on, but what I really want is for the registered setting to sound the way I want when I recall it.


The changes were to back off on distortion so it's pretty obvious when I turn it back on that it's gone back to distorting as much as the factory DP Organ. The changes were to alter distortion gain and distortion level, bring up dry signal, and bring down wet signal  Have now saved the registration multiple times per the manual, but no joy.   


I have other registrations saved that don't use distortion, and they sound the same after turn off/turn on.


Are there some distortion parameters that aren't actually saved on registration?  The manual says on EN-92 that DSP type and parameters are saved in registration memory.


Is there something else I could do to have the distortion effect sound the way I saved it when I recall the registration setting after a turn off? 



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Thanks for your reply Brad.


To create and register setting:

Go to DP Organ factory preset.

Go to F Button 10, Effect.

Press and hold F4, DSP.

Go to M1 Distortion.

Press enter.

Lower Dist Gain from 56 to 46.
Lower Dist Level from 64 to 44.

Reduce Wet Level from 61 to 52.

Raise Dry Level from 0 to 91.

Press exit twice to get back to “DP Organ.”

Go to F Button 2, Regist Setting.

Press F2, Store.

Press F2 again to be storage area.

Press right side of wheel to say yes.

Privia says Complete.

Press exit to get back to “DP Organ.”

Now done, all okay so far.


To see if it took:

Press Piano button to right of wheel.

Privia Grand comes up.

Go to F Button 3, registration.

Press F2.

Revised DP Organ comes up, with revised distortion effect.  Ok so far.


Press Function key

Go to  System.

Go to Auto Resume.

Confirm it’s set to on.

Press exit twice and get back to revised DP Organ sound.  Sounds like it should with changes.


Turn off piano.

Turn back on.

Shows DP organ sound but now back to original sound, rather than less distorted.

Still on F Button 3, press F2 to ensure selecting registration.  No change:  distortion remains back to original.

Go to F Button 10, press and hold F4 to check distortion settings.

They are as I changed them but the sound is not.

Press exit twice to get back.

Press F4 without holding, DSP goes off.

Press F4 again, DSP goes on.

And now it sounds like what I changed it to.


So right now, after turning back on, I can get to sound like I want by recalling the registration _and_ going to F Button 10 and using the F4 button to turn DSP off then on.  But this is a pain for performance and I want it to work just by recalling the registration.


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Thanks.  Unfortunately, selecting the same registration two times in a row does not change anything and neither does selecting a different registration and coming back to it.

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On 6/24/2024 at 3:35 PM, Quord said:

Turn off piano.

Turn back on.

Shows DP organ sound but now back to original sound, rather than less distorted.


To clarify, I do not believe that Auto Resume will recall a Registration.  It will return to the last tone used regardless of any changes that are stored in a registration. 


In my test case, Auto Resume is off.  By default piano is selected on Power On.  Then selecting the stored registration works fine.

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Thank you Mike for your message from Thursday.  I appreciate the effort.  I have tried the following:


Turn piano on.

Turn off auto-resume.

Turn piano off.

Turn piano back on.  It shows Privia Grand.

Dialed to F Button 3.

Select the stored registration for the altered DP organ sound.

Same problem occurs:  It sounds like the original rather than less distorted.

Dial to F Button 10.

Press F4 to turn DSP off then on.

Altered DP organ sounds like I want it to.

So I am still where I was.


I was just able to do this today as I have been away.


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Thanks Brad.  I don't see in the manual where one can save an individual registration.  I have tried saving the bank the registration is in, which is the first bank, and the result is attached.  I am not sure that it does contain the right info, though, because the file date is 12/31/17.  If it is the right one, then it is the second registration, accessed by F2.


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