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WK-6600 Mixer Question

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I have had my WK-6600 for a couple of years, but have just recently started to dig in to all it can do. I have found that when I use the mixer on songs i have recorded on the song sequencer, it doesn't save the changes. I fix the track volumes and pan things the way I want them, but it doesn't save the changes. I read and re-read the manual, thinking that i must have missed something basic, but I don't see anything that tells me how to save what Ive adjusted. I'm sure its something simple, and I'm going to feel stupid when I find out how simple it is. Can someone please help? Thanks!

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Thank You! Just to clarify what I read....I'm in the song sequencer mode....i go to in to the mixer and adjust things the way I want them, then i Push the function/menu buttons (the same screen where I would delete a song or a track, and scroll to the Panel Record function and push enter. Is that correct?


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