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Going Global ???

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I realize many 560 parameters are tied to a registration and not global across the piano.


Question -- is there an over ride to make the Transpose a Global Function so it is not tied to any particular registration?


You could then transpose, move to any bank/registration and the transpose setting remains across the 560 until it is reset back to 0.


Currently it needs to be saved and when moving to a different registration you lose that transpose parameter, unless it was previously saved into that new registration.





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Actually what you want is called registration filters.  Press menu>registration.  Turn on the filter for transpose.  That freezes the transpose setting so registrations do not change it, but you can still adjust it at any time if needed.  

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Wow -- Thanks --- turning "ON" Registration Filters Transpose made the transpose setting global across all banks/registrations.


I saw where the Manual page EN-80 mentioned: "Transpose: Turning on this setting disables recall of the transpose setting" --- which didnt make much sense to me when I first read it. I guess if it had said: "Turn ON to make Transpose global across the keyboard"


Side Note:


I'm still scratching the surface and getting familiar with the editing & sound capabilities of this powerful machine.


Slowly but surely I'm finding it easier to adjust and store sounds. And I'm keeping everything backed up onto a USB stick


I finally got into hex layers and created a mellow organ sound with a not over the top key click by layering in #119 from the Wave List.


I'm still carrying my ancient, "took many a beatings and still keeps on ticking" PX-330 to gigs, in case the 560 dies. Not that I'm expecting that to happen; it'll just take a bit of time before I have confidence in the durability of the 560 and its LCD.


Anyway , thanks again for you time, interest, and clear concise answers.

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