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  1. tnicoson First of all, thank you so much for the detailed reply and guidance. After so many days of trial and research, I had figured most of what you had mentioned out. The final conclusion is that the Keyboard has a hardware issue. Most probably, its USB port is damaged. Thank you guys for your support.
  2. Just tested the Piano's USB port with tester. It is live (tester's bulb lit up). Is it supposed to be this way? I have managed to convert Audio from the Piano to Midi signal through Reatune plugin in Reaper. But it has a lot of latency and it is not accurate. Are there any tried and tested solutions for Audio to Midi?
  3. You're right. Connecting 2 cables didn't work. My laptop (Dell N4050) didn't accept XP installation, so couldn't try that. By tons of drivers, I meant, Casio (incl. the one you mentioned in the link), Yamaha, Korg, and God knows which driver I have installed. None of them worked. I even force installed Casio driver as Legacy driver. It appeared in Sound and Game Controller category, but when I connected my Piano, it still appeared as an Unknown Device under Universal Bus Controllers category. I currently have Windows 7-64 bit installed. Tired of switching between windows. My USB ports are fine, I have tested them with other devices like Hard Disks, Mice etc. It has to be either the Driver, the Cable or may be Piano's USB port might be damaged.
  4. I have recently bought a used Casio LK-41 (Japanese Language). It has a Midi Usb port. I have been trying to connect it to my Dell N4050 laptop to use it as a midi controller device with Reaper, but it is not connecting properly. I have tried 4 different midi cables of various lengths, but no luck. I have tried to connect it to another laptop as well, but I get the same error. I have tried tons of different drivers; none of them work. In the device manager, it should show under Sound and Game Controllers, but it always appears as an Unknown Device under Universal Serial Bus Controllors. I used to have Windows 10 64-bit; I switched to Windows 7 32-bit, then to Windows 7 64-bit in a hope to resolve the issue, but all in vain. I have done a lot of research. But I haven't been able to find any solution. I would really appreciate if a professional would help me out please! P.S. I am considering the following solutions at the moment: 1. Switching to Windows XP 32-Bit. 2. Joining 2 Midi Cables in order to attach the Piano to two USB ports at once (In case, if it is an issue of the piano not getting enough voltage).