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  • PX-5S Noire Grand By Mike Martin

    As demonstrated in the video below:   Zone 1 is the "bowed piano arpeggio" off by default.    Slider 1 - Sub Slider 2 - Pad Volume Slider 3 - Pad FIlter  Slider 4 - Zone 1 on/off - arpeggiated piano texture Slider 5 - Delay Slider 6 - Reverb   Knob 1 - TBD in future revision Knob 2 - Filter for arpeggiated elelment Knob 3 - Attack for Arpeggiated element Knob 4 - Release for Arpeggiated element      
  • Clear 73 Mark I By Mike Martin

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    Rhodes Tone converted over from a PX-5S
  • Blade Runner - Opening and End Titles By Mike Martin

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    Two Stage Settings, one to replicate the opening sequence and the other for the "End Titles".  The End Titles Stage Setting was demonstrated in this video:  (Note that controller assignments may be incomplete at this time)    
  • Dreamy Roadz By Mike Martin

    New for the PX-560 is this "Dreamy Roadz" Electric Piano.  This is a Hex Layer tone so a Hex Layer category tone must be selected in Upper1 before going to the Media menu to load this file.     This is a tone with a narrow amplitude dynamic range that is still highly expressive and will fit great in a mix.  Make yourself a custom registration with some extra reverb and perhaps layer the SilkSmooth2 tone also found here on the forum.
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