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  3. Casio Music Space will work with your WK-245 for the purposes of music learning, however the app itself is only compatible with Android and Apple devices. To use the keyboard with MIDI compatible software on a computer, connect a USB (standard printer type) cable to the keyboard. Windows will automatically detect the keyboard as a MIDI device. Any software you use capable of using a MIDI device can be configured to use "Casio USB MIDI" as the input and output device.
  4. Well I am new to this I want to be able to play mi keyboard and show in my pc screen or sync my keyboard with my pc so I can follow along and also make a bit of music. This keyboard can no use casio music space so I am kind of looking of something like that. Thank you for answering really Thank you
  5. When you go to save the recorded song to your flash drive, select the "MltR SMF" option instead of the MltRec option. That will save the song as a Standard MIDI File (SMF) with a .MID extension. The .MRF files are a proprietary Casio format, mainly just intended for backup and restore. There is no converter for .MRF files that I'm aware of -- besides which, MRF files don't necessarily contain all the data needed to play back a song, they are heavily dependent on mechanisms in the keyboard.
  6. To save multi track recordings as standard MIDI files, use a USB flash drive connected to the device port on the keyboard. Press function>media>save>mlt R SMF and proceed with the menus to save the song. Note that a MIDI file can only contain 16 tracks maximum. If the 17th system track is recorded along with the 16 solo tracks, only the solo tracks will convert. If solo tracks are empty, the 17th system track will convert.
  7. Are you looking for record audio from the keyboard? or MIDI?
  8. Hello again, I got a bit of steps towards getting better at recording and can record midi data on PC by using this cable but now I have another problem that I've been searching for 1.5 hours now. I guess I'm just bad at this at this point. The multitrack files I save on USB from keyboard is .mrf and the software I'm using for editing (FLStudio) requires .mid or some other type of file. I really couldn't figure out how to convert it into one of these type of files since the software doesn't see the files without using any websites if possible? And if you have any other advices for transfering data/audio I would be real happy if you could share. Thanks for your time.
  9. What music package can I use to connect my wk 245 to my pc
  10. Hi, yes, the issue sounds like a simple loose trim pot. At worse you just need to find another to replace it with which will be quite cheap, and at best, a resolder of the one in there now. Hope it works! I love my MT52/CT320s!
  11. thanks for the advice! i’m gonna open it up tomorrow and have a look at the pot and hopefully it’s an easy fix, even if it’s a soldering job it should be fine since i have experience building guitar pedals. thanks again
  12. Older Casios commonly had a tuning potentiometer for fine tuning their pitch. That's literally all that "tuning screw" is, a mini potentiometer mounted on the circuit board. Sometimes they get damaged by heavy handed people/ kids shoving screwdrivers into the recessed hole without using care (I found this on a damaged PT80 I bought a few years back), and it's also possibly that the potentiometer tracks and/ or wipers have oxidized over the years causing poor/ no connection. Best thing to do is open up your MT52 and have a look for any obvious damage or oxidization. You could also use a multimeter and test the resistance in operation. A simple clean might get it working again. Worst case is you might need to replace it, which is normally quite easy if you have basic soldering iron skills. Often you can find the value marked on the potentiometer making it easy to find generic replacements online.
  13. my casiotone mt-52 seems to be tuned too sharp to where a C is almost C# and since i want to use it on recordings and during jams i’ve tried to tune it using the tuning screw on the back. however, when i turn the screw in either direction is doesn’t seem to have any effect but it does have a slight effect when the screw is wiggled. i’m yet to take it apart but will when i’m at mine and have access to tools. i’ve only just been given the keyboard recently by a relative who stored it in the attic for a long time, so maybe that caused this issue? i have no experience with vintage keyboards, especially repair, since i’m mainly a guitarist. any ideas on how i can fix it? thanks!
  14. Last week
  15. Turn on auto resume to store settings during power off, found in the function menu, sub menu "other".
  16. ok, I understand how to change the Touch Response as a function setting. But, every time I switch on my CT-X5000, the parameter has the old value (3) and not my new setting. How to store the value permanently?
  17. Link

    Scale Tuning confusion

    Hi Brad. I've seen this implemented a number of different ways over the years and it does appear to be working upon further investigation. My error was in how I was expecting the base note function implementation. It seems that the tunings scale 'from' the selected base note leaving the layout of the keys intact. This actually makes a lot of sense but isn't what was expected as an old Yamaha I had used to remap the keys starting from the base note. This could also be used as a funky transposition tool as a by-product. It was the non-change 'to' a new base note that was throwing me but this is actually a more sensible implementation and a great little unexpected extra. Appreciate the feedback. It made me wonder if I had missed something obvious. And I had!
  18. It sounds like you're using the correct key combinations. Do you have prior experience using various temperaments on other instruments? Differences in various tunings can be subtle or virtually indistinguishable depending on the type selected and chords played.
  19. Link

    Scale Tuning confusion

    The 'Piano Remote Controller' within the Casio Music Space app usually provides scale tuning and base note functionality on other keyboards in the Casio range. Not ideal but a solution of sorts. But, of course, this section of the app isn't available when connected to the CT-S1.
  20. Jay C

    CT-S1 Sound Demo

    Hi I found this Demo on soundcloud. Hope you like it Jay 🎹
  21. The performance is jaw-dropping, but I think all it does acoustically is imitate a bass sound.
  22. Hello Tom, As I mentioned in our private messages, I've already returned the keyboard. I did so last Sunday. While the replacement keyboard had a better keybed, it still produced too much noise for my taste. Key noise preference varies greatly from person to person, and personally, I prefer quieter key returns. While others may not mind the noise, it's just not my preference. Additionally, I found an odd bouncing sensation from the keybed when releasing the keys, which I found to be quite distracting. I hope you find the information you're seeking. Overall, it's a fantastic keyboard, I loved the Harmonious Mustard color, but unfortunately, the keybed isn't suited to my needs.
  23. Hello dlp I'm very interested in this thread: I have a PX-S5000 with the same keybed as the PX-S70000 and it sounds EXACTLY like yours: very quiet white keys and more than twice as loud clacking, springy black keys. Now you say that this has been recognized as a fault and has been replaced: If possible, can you post another video with the new device so we can see the comparison of old and new? That would be extremely useful. I may have to send in my PX-S5000 as well. Because it sounds exactly like your first PX-S7000. At best, there was a series of this keybed where a damping element of the black keys was not optimally installed. Thank you & greetings
  24. I want to record midi and/or audio directly into Cubasis on iPad Pro M1 Did anyone else do this before? It doesn't work for me. I bought a Yamaha AG06 Mk 2 for audio recording and switched it between px-560 and iPad. For midi recording I would like to do it via the midi in/out/throu and a midi cable, which I connected directly to the iPad Pro M1 (Camera Connection Kit Multi Adapter). What settings do I need to make in the PX-560's midi screen?
  25. Here's a quick video of my XW-PD1 able to play its sequenced bass line via a Casio CZ101!
  26. А что нужно по ссылке? Может смогу помочь?
  27. Wait until you see how well a cello works with Death Metal!
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