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  3. @Harmonious To record audio from the PX-S1100 you need to connect the 1/4" audio outputs from your PX-S1100 to an audio input on your audio interface. The (square) USB A port on the back of the PX-S1100 is for MIDI only. To record MIDI & Audio into Logic you'd need to set up 2 tracks one for MIDI and one for audio and arm both simultaneously. Another option is to use Logic's External MIDI Instrument track. This feature requires that when you want to share / render the recording that you choose "real-time" so it will capture the audio from the PX-S1100.
  4. Hi. Yes. Recording interface connected to MacBook via USB, Casio connected via other USB, 1/4 inch outs from interface to studio monitors.
  5. Put the files in the MUSICDAT Folder
  6. How do you have your audio connected to the computer?
  7. Hello. I have also tried to do the same, but it still shows no data when I try to import the files
  8. Hi I have the same problem, the overall volume randomly surging. Did you find a solution for this?
  9. Hi all, new PX-S1100 owner here. So basically, I want to record audio and midi at the same time in Logic Pro. I’ve got the USB going from the Privia to the MacBook. I have a midi track set up with a synth, and a track for the piano/strings from the Privia. When I play, I can hear them both, but when I record both tracks only the midi records. I’m unsure what I’m doing wrong, or if what I want to do is even possible. Thanks for any help and advice.
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  11. Same problem here in Brazil with my Casio Celviano AP-450. When I plug the power cable it just turns on and won't turn off when pressing the power button. how did you fix yours?
  12. Thank you for this goodie. πŸŒ΄πŸ˜ŒπŸ™β›ͺ🌾🌿πŸͺ΄πŸ‘
  13. Thank you very much dear Hant7 for your kindness as always. God bless you and your endeavours Cheers to you my friend Take good care πŸŒ΄πŸ˜ŒπŸ™β›ͺ🌾🌿πŸͺ΄πŸ‘
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  15. Agreed with Joe. Unfortunately that sounds like a repair is in order. Are you still under warranty?
  16. I occasionally use the Drum Editor on the MZ-X. The Mzx and CTX have very good Latin drum sounds but some sounds are not in standard tuning.
  17. It's mostly the same keys. I also forgot to mention that you need to press it very lightly to make the proper sound
  18. Is it always the same keys? I don't think it matters, I'm just curious. I kind of think you need to get it serviced.
  19. Best way to master the x700
  20. Here you go, I was only able to send a recording. If it doesn't let you watch it, contact me here.
  21. CTK-3200 is a class compliant USB MIDI controller. It is plug and play with all modern operating systems. It is compatible with Windows 10, 11 and whatever the future brings. Windows will automatically install the keyboard as a MIDI controller. You can open Windows Device Manger application to confirm "Casio USB MIDI" is listed under the game controllers section .
  22. hey, so i have the casio ctk-3200 and i want to use it as a midi controller on my pc, as the manual dictates i use a usb cable to connect it to my pc, the problem is that my pc doesn't even recognize it, is it because it's obsolete? it does not include Windows 10 in the compatibility selection, can someone help me with this problem please 😧 (the manual says it doesn't requiere any drivers)
  23. Could be "home" "pro" "home" or even mobile. With 10 I have plain old 10 and mobile. Problem is, the more "updates" and "patches" are installed in 10 by Microsoft, the greater chance it will not work. One update patch has caused me problems until I deleted the update prefaced by "KB" and a number. And I have found the mobile version is pretty crippled when it comes to drivers unfortunately. And are you running 32-bit or 64-bit-this can make a tremendous difference in operability. So milky way if you could provide a few more details.
  24. Do not install any drivers. Those are designed only for a handful of early model Casio keyboards. All other Casio models, including your PX-160, are plug and play universal MIDI controllers. They use the driver Microsoft designed and Windows automatically installs. Open Windows "Device Manager" and check under the game controller section for "Casio USB MIDI" to confirm your keyboard has been added.
  25. Im trying to use the px-160 as a midi controller but it doesnt seem to work/show up on any of the softwares im using. I've tried installing all the drivers on the casio website but nothing seems to work? If anybody knows how to get this to work any help would be appreciated
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