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  3. They had to be user tones. Those are not the names of any preset tones. Did you download tones from this site?
  4. I thought I used to have a couple of sounds on my PX-560M called "Leslie Organ" and "Soft Organ." I had to reinitialize the unit, and I guess I lost these, because I cannot find them. Anyone have these sounds they can share with me?
  5. That's what this forum is for. Just dig in and whenever you get stuck, post a specific question. YouTube videos or browsing the many topics here on the forums can help as well. Keep in mind other similar models will have useful information as well. CTK-6200 will apply to the WK-6600. WK-7600 and CTK-7200 will also apply. But mainly, just ask questions. Have fun. Welcome to the forums!
  6. I would love tho find/hire someone local to my area who could spend some time showing me how to use the features available on my Casio WK-6600. I printed the entire manual but having someone who can demonstrate and explain things would be so much better.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Hello. I tried to re-create that iconic sound from the famous song, "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys. In original song, it was performed using the slide theremin (Tannerin). My creation sounds quite close to the original sound, just you might want to switch portamento to legato mode, depending on the way you're playing.
  8. Anyone interested in providing hands on keyboard vtraining to others .
  9. Page EN-20, Changing the Pitch in Octave Units (Octave Shift). Press and hold the V button, go to "keyboard" and then "part octave shift", you'll find the shift settings for upper and lower parts there.
  10. Thank you, that helps. I've stored 5 registrations with layers so far. The organs are an octave higher than the other sounds I wish to layer them with. I've downloaded the manual. Where in the manual does it discuss how to shift things an octave down? Last question I promise.
  11. I’ve had my Casio CTK 2500 for a while but recently, something odd happened… it I put the volume at 4 or higher, it randomly turns off. Anyone know what the problem is or how to fix it?
  12. Last week
  13. I'm assuming you're asking about reverb send level for your upper 1 tone. Change the knob set to one which controls brilliance and reverb send, adjust it, then change back to the DSP knob set. Now store the registration. It should keep the adjusted reverb send.
  14. Thanks I got it stored in the bank mention above. Lost the reverb though. Any suggestions on how to add reverb to this registration? Brad B
  15. I have uploaded what I came up with. Let me know what you think. https://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/files/category/23-community-created-files/
  16. Version 1.0.0


    I did this late last night and plan to tweak it a bit but it is pretty close. There are two files, one is the edited tone and the other is the registration with controller assignments. Controller assignments: Mod Wheel - Portamento Rate Knob 1- Pitch LFO Depth Knob 2- Filter CutOff Frequency Knob 3- Filter Resonance Level CC Pedal- Expression My plan was to use the Pitch Envelope Generator for the dive bomb effect at the end of the solo break, but turns out it is not as functional as the AMP and Filter envelope generators. I am using the Mod Wheel to control Portamento Rate because it is easier to go from zero rate (no portamento) to the pre-assigned slowest rate (to match the song tempo). The knobs being rotary encoders that have no 'full off/full on' means it requires multiple spins to reach the slowest rate. Much easier to reach over and push the Mod Wheel all the up quickly for the big slide. Hope that makes sense. Then once the vocals come back in it's easy to add just a bit of Portamento while also adding some resonant filter sweeps behind the vocals.
  17. I managed to assign the DSP M1: ROTARY to knob K1. Is there a way to store this? Or do I have to bring it up every time? On my S3100 Brad B
  18. I don't know of any schematics either.
  19. are there any schematics available? i am looking to build an enclosure and only need to use the volume knob, function, tone variation and on/off buttons the sound module. hoping to locate on the pcb where to solder a pot for the volume and the three buttons.
  20. Interesting question since that's a Casio watch, not a musical instrument. Also interesting that you never replied to my post on your previous thread, so I merged both of them together here.
  21. Does anyone know if the GBD200-1 can control my music?
  22. Welcome to the forums. What's the price range you're thinking of? Are you saying a MIDI sequencer may not be adequate? A MIDI recorder is the only onboard recording option in smaller portable keyboards.
  23. has anyone opened one of the ct-s1 open? if so, got any photos?
  24. Absolutely. I've got to get this done prior to our Saturday night gig. I was actually going to use my CT-S1000V for this sound. I bought the S1000 to have something easy to carry to rehearsals and was able to come up with something very useable but it required activating Portamento at just the right time (pun ) and I don't trust myself to accomplish that during actual performance. Plus I couldn't figure out how to increase the LFO rate for the final line of the solo. So the PX-560 to the rescue. ADDED: Regarding LFO (vibrato) Rate on the CT-S1000V. I just went with the novel approach of looking in the manual. Seems that rate is adjustable after all. Go figure.
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