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1. Please refrain from ad hominem attacks. This is when someone attacks another person's character, personality, politics, religion, sock mismatch, etc, instead of simply offering reasons against the truth of their claim.

2. Three things its best not to discuss are politics, religion, and the Great Pumpkin. I don't want to be too restrictive, so please feel free to discuss the Great Pumpkin!Seriously, it may come up that people want to talk about a certain news event, and do so with their fellow keyboarders. If it turns into a Democrats vs Republicans (or any other "vs") thing, though,  moderators reserve the right to delete it. Things just get too uncivil too quickly.

3. Profanity. Please use common sense to keep this forum as work-friendly and kid-friendly as possible. Many corporate and school firewalls automatically block sites based on scanning for cuss words, and we all want to evangelize keyboard-playing to as many people as we can.

4. Discussing specific pricing
We request that members not post about any specific retailer in regards to pricing of gear/great deals they got, etc.

Here's why: We will get people coming here trolling for sales...some people will even stoop so low as to pretend to be just another end user who just wanted to share the news about this cool store they bought their gear at, or some wonderful salesguy that they thought all of us should know about...

Consequently, we try and keep info about specific pricing/retailers off the boards.

5. Selling New or Used Gear.
There are plenty of other places to do this.

6.  Do NOT private message Mike Martin directly with a "How to" question.  This is especially true if you have never posted a question on the forum.  This is forum with thousands of users. Post your question on the forum and it will get answered by users.  Then everyone can learn from the answer.



7. Contribute. If you only purpose on this forum is to trash talk Casio you will be removed. If you don't like a Casio product no one is forcing you to buy it. It just just means that it wasn't made for you. Find a useful way to contribute to the community. 


8.  Family Friendly.

We have users of different ages from all over the world. Please keep user names and content you post family friendly.


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