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  1. Help with MIDI for lk280

    Hi Tnicoson, no problem, thanks for all your time :)!
  2. Help with MIDI for lk280

    Hello! I want to tell you that I am very happy because I am able to play the song now on the keyboard! I combined the tracks and now all the right keys I should use light up! Thank you for your help!
  3. Help with MIDI for lk280

    Hello, thank you for your reply. What I meant was that the song doesn't light all the keys that you hear in the MIDI file. The MIDI file is piano only but has three channels. I would like all the channels to light up on the LK 280 so I can play the whole song. Do you perhaps have an idea? Thanks in advance.
  4. Help with MIDI for lk280

    Hello, I bought the Casio LK280, I would like all the keys from the keyboard to light up, but until now not all the keys do so... and I tried to adjust the MIDI file, with changing channels to 3 and 4, but something went wrong. Does anyone have an idea what to do to make all the keys light up? Any help is appreciated, I am looking forward to learn to play this song (see the attachment). This is the version I didn't adjust. Thanks! 1_SHES_LIKE_THE_WIND.mid