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  1. Another question Is there a way to set p1's internal sequencer to ignore MIDI START command? I have modstep sequencer on ipad set as a master, and when i press start, it sends midi start command and drums on P1 start to play. I don't want that. i have roland tr-8 and it has option to ignore start/ stop commands, only midi clock is received. So basically i want p1 to sync with master clock WITHOUT starting it's drum pattern. will be glad if someone knows how to deal with it
  2. Midi channels receiving?

    Yup. that worked
  3. Midi channels receiving?

    Guys, Help needed I have my xwp1 set to midi slave. Device id is 01 and basic channel is 01. When I start external sequencer (ipad or digitakt) set to ch 1 it plays 's selected tone (drawbar for example). And it's ok, BUT... When I set sequencer to ch 4 (where I have my volca bass) casio plays volca's bassline with piano sound. When another midi channel is selected casio plays another sound. When sequencer is set to ch 10, casio plays drums... So, the question is: how to turn off receiving on all midi channels and set casio only respond to midi channel 1? Plz help, it drives me crazy
  4. Hi! Is there a way to record sequence with specific sound and then improvise over it using another sound? I can do it with the same sound as sequence, but when I switch to another sound, my sequence switches too... I want to lay some piano chords and then improvise over it with synth pcm... Xw-p1 of course Will be happy if you can help
  5. Phrase seq + HEX + zones = problem?

    Thx for the answers Now i understand the concept of zones. After some digging i can answer my last question - SOLO SYNTH, HEX and DRAWBAR can be assigned ONLY to ZONE 1. It looks like that: ZONE 1 - SOLO or HEX or DRAWBAR or PCM ZONE 2 - PCM only ZONE 3 - PCM only ZONE 4 - PCM only
  6. Hi! So here's the problem: I recorded phrase in phrase seq using HEX layer sound. I did a zone split where zone 1 (3 first octaves) where i control this phrase by keyplay. in zone 2 (4th octave to the end) i have my solo sound. And now - i can use ONLY ONE HEX sound at a time so in zone 2 i MUST assign only PCM sound - that's ok. But i wanted to switch and set my ZONE 1 to play PCM sound as a recorded phrase but i still CANNOT assign HEX sound to zone 2 as a solo sound. I keep getting error that it's impossible to assign hex. It looks like i can assign hex sounds only to zone 1, is it true? Is there any way to have sequenced pcm phrase on the left side and hex solo synth on the right side? Any help, plz?