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  1. SHINE ON YOU CRAZY.... pad 560

    Version 1.0.0


    Here's to you the pad I created for the start of Shine on you crazy diamond for PX 560.. Not exactly identical also because none an easy pad to play..is a hex layer
  2. Shine on you crazy....

    but I prepared the sound for px 560
  3. Shine on you crazy....

    cel I almost made .. maybe a little change then when and I put it on the site
  4. Shine on you crazy....

    thank you very much ... tomorrow I will try to study it following your advice ...
  5. Shine on you crazy....

    hi guys ... maybe some of you can help me ... I would like to recreate the initial pad of the pink floyd song "shine on you crazy diamond " ...has someone already tried? or does anyone have any advice to give me? I am so that it is not a simple sound to replicate but I am very sure that with this fantastic keyboard you can create a similar sound thanks in advance ..
  6. tennessee pearl harbor 560 mp3.mp3
  7. Strings pedal fade like Yamaha keyboards

    ello I'm max .. I got what you are looking for by placing the string as upper1 and the piano as upper 2 .. then I went into the edit of the string and amp ..poi su envelope and I lengthened the time release to 10 ... then I went on controller and I disabled the upper1 pedal..et voila..il game and done tennessee pearl harbor 560 mp3.mp3