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  1. yamaha midi files

    Hello everone....i have alot of self made yamaha psr midi files that i would like to play on my new mz x300....can anyone explain how i do it....and will i have to change all the sounds around to make it work?....thanks...ian
  2. mixer mystery

    Thanks Thanks Vadislav....i will check...maybe that is why i cant edit variations 3 and 4...because ctk only has 2 variations
  3. mixer mystery

    This is a brand new keyboard...does it need updating to function....thanks....ian
  4. mixer mystery

    No i havent updated...how do i do that? Will i lose the user rhythms and tones? Thanks...ian
  5. mixer mystery

    Hello everone.....i am trying to make adjustments to rhythms such as volume and reverb levels for each variation....but for some reason only variation one and two allows me to edit....when i edit three and four and then ave it ...it just reverts back to what it was before....so i end up with say reverb 30 on variation 1 and 2 and then 50 or too much volume on 3 and 4....am i doing something wrong?