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  1. Thanks, Roger, but I've tried every possible combination--simutaneous, A before B, B before A, different holding times, etc. Mike, I got suceeded with your directions. However, the layered tones that I want to tweek are the combination of the piano tone that comes on when you first turn on the keyboard, and the strings tone that comes on when you first press the strings button. Are these two tones somewhere in the User Preset collection, as well as in the Built-In Tones collection? If not, I can probably make do with one of the User Preset substitues, but those Built-In tones are really to my liking. To my knowledge, Tech support didn't call me today, but you've been very helpful. Thanks to you and all who reached out.
  2. Hi Scott. Yes, it works to adjust the tempo, as it should. But it has no effect when I press the function button along with it. In attempting to store an Original User Preset, I am using the directions that start on p.E-29 of the guide ("1. Select the Music Preset you want...."). Do I possibly have to follow some previous directions that I've been skipping? All I really want to do is get a layered piano/strings tone with the strings turned down--they're too overwhelming the way they're preset. I can do it going through the steps, but I'd really like to be able to set it as a User Preset. If I could, then I could also preset different gradations of the layering and have them all just one push of a button away, so I could, for instance, let the strings swell at the end of a tune. This isn't a deal breaker for the piano. I bought it mainly for home practice, and couldn't care less about 90% of the voices, or the accompaniment offerings. But the layering is useful to me, if I could just figure out how to store my favorites. Thanks.
  3. I'm trying to create an original user preset on my 780-M. According to the guide, once I've changed a preset's settings to my liking, I'm supposed to press the FUNCTION and the RHYTHM EDITOR buttons at the same time, and a screen should appear that says MUSIC PRESET. But when I press those two buttons, I get the same screen as I would if I just pressed the FUNCTION button (transpose, etc.). I can't get to the screen I need to complete the process of creating a preset. Either the guide is wrong, or my keyboard is defective. Does any 780 user have a solution? Thanks.