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  1. I'd like to add extra sounds. For example , a tinkling toy keyboard that changes tone with each key press on the PX. Also interested in exploring music notation software. So far haven't worked out an easy way to enter chords/complex timings with Musescore without stopping after almost every note to make manual changes in the app. Apart from those things, it's a case of I don't know what I don't know!
  2. I found no information about any of these things in the manual and I'll check out the external sound bank option. That gives me somewhere to start. Thanks sslyutov !
  3. I bought a Privia PX-360M and haven't used a digital keyboard before. I'd like to find out what else I can do with a MIDI capable keyboard. For example, can I import more sounds? Can I save them to the PX-360M? What could I do with additional hardware/software? Can anyone point me towards some easy to understand online information? Thanks!