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  1. Question - difference between AP and CG??

    Yes, I meant the GP for whatever reason I was thinking about the model name of my piano and kinda butchered the two together (I have a CGP-700). That was an interesting article. It does make me wonder though on that why someone would buy the 500 as it seems the 400 is identical (aside from the cabinet) but for less money?
  2. Hi all, I've been researching the Celviano line a bit lately - mostly out of curiosity as it's out of my price range. So there's the AP and the CG - what's really the difference between them (aside from a real price boost)? For a home player (non-pro, heck non-high level ) is the difference really worth it between the lines? If the CG is worth it, with the 3 lines - 300, 400 and 500 are they all better than the AP's or really different purpose? I know the question probably is kinda lame but my google foo has not been good at learning the differences and I live in the boonies and I don't have a dealer with that level gear even within an hour away.
  3. CGP-700 Speakers audio level issue

    I'll give it a go and try. I have a set of studio monitor speakers hooked up right now which have taken care of the immediate need, but I'd love to get the onboard ones to cooperate
  4. Hi all, I purchased a CGP700 in late 2015 - when I first got it, the sound through the speakers/pedestal was pretty decent and could easily be turned up. Well, not terribly long after I got it, I started to use a headset for my practice / learning and almost never used the speakers - until a few days ago. Even if I crank the volume dial as far as it can go, the audio level doesn't seem to get near as loud as I remember it and the sound doesn't feel as "rich" if that makes any sense? It's not a huge issue most of the time since I usually practice / work on learning with my headset on, but it would be nice to be able to play without a headset on occasion - I'm just not sure what could be the issue or if there is some magic setting somewhere that I may have changed that is affecting the sound through the speakers. I did check to make sure the speakers and pedestal speakers were turned on in the settings. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'd hate to have to send it in for service as it's my only piano to use at home.