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  1. Recommend Px 560 External Speakers

    Hi there! Can you PLEASE tell me how to turn off the onboard speakers? thanks in advance Lyn
  2. How do I turn off the onboard speakers?

    Hi Everyone, i think I posted in the wrong area. Anyway, can anyone tell me how to do this? I hate hearing that sound when I'm not used to it with my old Tyros. It does everything my Tyros does...easier, cleaner, weighted keys! (I'm a pianist first). I could never get the sustain pedal to even work on the Tyros so I'm in heaven! Midifiles are coming across great....it's just those speakers. helpppppp! Ill send you any midifiles you want that I have! cheers from Oz lyn
  3. 2 Quick PX-560 Questions

    Hey guys I need help! how do I turn off the onboard speakers. I don't like them. I LOVE my PX560 but I think the onboard speakers sound a bit cheesy....the only feature of this monster keyboard I dislike. They are ok for practice, but I want to hear what the sounds will be like when thru a powerful pa. I use midifiles some of the time, and I've been able to convert then over from my Tyros, it's just those speakers! does that headphone jack trick really work (I don't want to cause any damage)? Do I actually use headphones lying on the floor, or will just plugging a jack into it work? or is there a way I can turn them off manually? wont plugging phones in mute the output to the mixer too? im sorry if I'm not making sense...my brain is frazzled. great forum, I'm so glad you're all here (us musos seriously need to stick together these days!) thanks in advance lyn
  4. Summer NAMM 2015

    Help! i love my new px560 (sure is easier on stage than my Tyros...plus my back isn't aching from the weight) BUT I want to turn the onboard speaker OFF when I'm live...they sound cheesy and cheap. Then again, I've always had an aversion to onboard speakers, at least these are kind of hidden. But I don't want to hear them when I'm rehearsing with a PA or on stage. ive heard something about using the headphone output. so how? Thanks in advance Lyn