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  1. PX560 as a Master MIDI controller

    What i really wish to know is if other controller can access the other 2 parts of the px 560. I will like to use one part with piano and other with strings, but with the full keybed, and without using the split function, access (by other keyboard) the 2 other parts. I mean, a 61 keys controller is pretty cheap. I dont know if its possible, but pretty helpfull on my way to use the board.
  2. PX-560M arpeggio in a band

    I found this PX-560 so pretty, and PX-5S so out, didn't like this black and white color scheme, and of course a touch screen is much more friendly, also PX-5S is much older, and a bit more expensive here in Brasil where i live, even so i'm really considering switch to PX-5S, at least it comes with a editable PC software that make our life a lot easier, because come on, that screen... really? i found a great resources on PX-560, but looks like a instrument made to live with it own, didn't send or receive MIDI clock, so not even a external drum machine can be sync with it. i really find it hard to work in a band using the resources it has, just sounds(in this it's great), but i must use other keyboard in order to use arpeggio, delays for guitar solos, so everything you should be able to use with this piano... i don't know, a lot to consider... Any way thank you BradMZ to be my voice on this live Q&A, really apreciate.
  3. PX-560M arpeggio in a band

    Maybe my manual isn't atualized, on page 79 says nothing about metronome and that's it, are you shure i can pan the metronome? maybe you made a typo on the page you want to say. Can you check this? please, please, please.....
  4. PX-560M arpeggio in a band

    Yes BradMZ i'm facing this throuble with facebook, nice of you to post there. the page i see on youtube has only volume, the page was "balance", i'll check the mixer one, it could be my solution on that matter, why anyone saw that before? kkkkk Thank you again BradMZ, you're been very helpfull to me here.
  5. PX-560M arpeggio in a band

    yes, i never was adicted to social media, so i just made a facebock account to enter on this group, so i made my question, then suddenly facebook take me out until they analize my photo that they arbitrary made me send, and i'm out till now, so i don't know what happens after i made my question on the group. You know what will be hepfull? A Casio make an update on the OS and include on balance page a PAN to each one on that page, not just volume. So i can pan a metronome and that's it. Won't be that hard is Casio?
  6. PX-560M arpeggio in a band

    Thank you BradMZ.
  7. PX-560M arpeggio in a band

    hi guys/girls, i found a better way to send a click to the band and still using a stereo out. http://www.clickkicker.com/ so i'll make a empty rhythm with just one measure and play start, it should send a midi data that this clickkicker need, if i understood correctly, how it works.
  8. PX-560M arpeggio in a band

    Yes, but it can't allow expression pedal that is a must for me. The PX-560M don't make me happy with the split system. I do preffer to split in layers having all 88 keys at my wish, like PX-5S give in all 4 parts, but the thing is The PX-5S don't have more than L/R out and not shure about the pattern to give a metronome to the band, not really know, but since the PX-560M is newer i preffer to go with it. anyway, thank you for the reply BradMZ.
  9. PX-560M arpeggio in a band

    Yes, you got it, i'll probably use it mono. Now i see how silly was my idea, of course what comes to phones goes to L/R out. Unfortunatelly mono is the way to go(come on Casio, it's a "PRO" serie) when use with a band, as far as i know, much more simple. Thank you vortmaxx for you efford, the drum pattern was a given, much appreciate.
  10. PX-560M arpeggio in a band

    I intent to buy one PX-560M, and also intent to use some effects like arpeggio in some musics. In order to play it right the drummer in the band must have the metronome click in his phones for both of us do it in sync. I know that the piano has only one stereo out, that i must use to feed the mixer, and i don't want the audience to hear the metronome, but if i set the metronome to phones only, i'll use one channel in the mixer for all members of the band. So my question is: can i set the metronome to phones only? Thanks to anyone able to find out for me.