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  1. CTK574 Tone Switch

    Hi, I'm kind of a newbie to Midi and would like to change the tone on my CTK574 via a midi controller. e.g. switch to Clavinet. Is a tone change even doable? I've been told by Casio tech support that the CTK-574 supports general Midi. The general midi specs appear to indicate that switching tones is accomplished via a midi program change (PC) event, which consists of three values - MSB - Most significant byte - ?? LSB - Least significant byte = ?? Program Value - A value of 1-128. e.g., Clavinet is 8 I believe (The casio numbers on the display seem to conform to this) I have my midi controller out going to the midi controller in on my keyboard. The keyboard and midi controller are set to communicate on the casio default channel 1. Has anyone done what I'm trying to do? Can anyone tell me what the MSB and LSB values should be? I've randomly tried various values with no luck. Thanks!