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  1. My main instrument is the guitar/ electric guitar. I also play some traditional instruments of my country. My focus is mostly on fusion music, a mixture of rock/progressive rock and middle eastern music. I'm not a keyboard player, but I can work with it to create songs and with some practice I can also play some stuffs in live performances. My main purpose to find such a workstation/arranger is to be able to edit every single sound/note that I play at studio or live, while I'm not a profi kerboard player. Plus I rather to create the songs in a workstation for not being forced to turn on my PC every time or bring it everywjere. I would use pc/daw only for final editing, as I don't like to use mouse to create the whole song, to add notes, control vst plugins etc.
  2. XW-Addict No, I have not been on Korg forums, but I guess I should go to some of them to ask the same questions. Do you probobly know which Korg forum is the most active one?
  3. Tnicoson Thanks a lot for your detailed answer. So it seems that I have guessed right; I'm a dreamer! Well,I hope this dream will come true, because I think these are not too much sophesticated features that manufactures CAN'T put them in mid rane price keyboards. It seems that they don't want to do it to keep the market thirsty and assure their money making machine working for a long long time! But I'm sure some day these features will be known as initial options in workstations/arrangers. Thanks again and best wishes for you
  4. Alenk thaks a lot for your advice! Yes that's the question if any Workstation+Arranger has internal audio interface sending both audio/midi data to daw in separated lines. And the problem is that the Studio Workstation side is really important to me, even more than live performing. Plus I need the pads, internal sequencing and recording of midi and audio (mic/guitar) option etc. So do you know if I leave the accompaniment option and get a Roland FA-06 (or some other workstation in this class that you may know) is there any way to set up my own accompaniment and use them in a live performance? (The good thing is that it has built in drum styles/ the sad thing it has no automatic accompanement and also has no touchscreen 😞) Thanks again!
  5. Hi everybody! I have worked for years in the analog/real instrument music production field and I'm a kind of new to the sampling/digital music world. As I wish to start with the best possible equipment, I'm searching for a workstation/arranger keyboard around 1000€ and I have reached so far the powerful Casio MZ-X500 but unfortunately I got that it seems not having an important feature I need. In this case I ask for your recommendations on: A keyboard with all the features of MZ-X500 PLUS having a high quality INTERNAL AUDIO INTERFACE wichh is CAPABLE of transmiting everything being played (or already recorded in the machine) in SEPARATED lines as Audio and MIDI data directly to the DAW in form of a complete project. * By everything I mean: . What I play by left and right hand and on the PADS in seperated lines as Audio/Midi. . The drum/percussion with all its sounds in seperated lines as Audio/Midi. (bass, snare, high hat, crash etc.) . The accompaniment with all of its sounds in seperated lines as Audio/Midi. (bass, piani, string etc.) Well I know it may seems like a dream wish, but if it is so please wake me up! and let me know what would be the closest thing to this dream around 1000€. If the MZ-X500 can do some of these functions by doing some tricks, please let me know. P.S: I have looked into Roland FA-06 and it seems it has those functions MINUS the great feature of automatic accompaniment. Of course it has the drum styles with intro/fills in/einding options, but it has no full accompaniments with chords able to play by one/three finger. If it's possible to make our own (or to download others self-made) full accompaniment styles and play chrods along them in like MZ accompaniments in FA-06, please let me know. Many thanks in advance Nick
  6. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    So there are some usable stuff to control DAW. I wish the sliders will be programmable to send MIDI and usable as DAW controller. Thanks for your kind answers 👍
  7. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    Rick, Thanks you very much for the detailed and helpful answer. 👍
  8. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    Thank you so much Rick That sounds very good! Just one more question; could you please let me know if you can play drums/chords in DAW with the Pads on X500? I mean do the pads send MIDI data? And what about the faders? I have been told they send no MIDI data and can't be used to control the DAW, but it sounds strange! Even very lower models (e.g CTK 7200) do that. Thanks again
  9. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    Thanks a lot for your answers. It would be very kind! I'm sad to hear that it doesn't work as audio interface. I believe if I record sounds through analog connections (even with a high quality external audio interface) there would be quality loss which is not suitable to produce final album songs. Is this device meant to produce album song on its own or with its sounds in Daw? Or I have got the wrong device for this purpose? Well I should mention that I'm (or better I was) a real instrument recording guy and now I have to do everything in the sampling world in which I'm new. The problem is that I hate doing everything in pc with mouse, so I'm looking for something that helps me avoid doing so. Thanks again for all your advice!
  10. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    Hi everybody I'm thinking of buying the powerful MZ-X500 and I have already got some good information from the kind colleagues of this forum. Now I have some more detailed questions which are important to me: 1. Do the "pads" send MIDI data directly to the DAW? I mean can I record drums etc. as MIDI to DAW by playing on the pads? (I have found out that the faders don't send MIDI data to PC/DAW 😞) 2. Do I need to set a control map for each DAW (e.g FL Studio) or the keyboard and DAW will recognize each other just by doing some basic setting? 3. Can I create new styles (drums/ accompaniments) and record them as MIDI data directly to the DAW? 3. Does the keyboard send high quality digital Audio data through usb directly to the DAW? In another word does it work as an Audio-Interface? * Obviously I don't want to record its sounds through analog connections. Actually I need this keyboard mostly for home studio needs and sometimes for live performances. As I'm not comfortable in sampling and editing sounds/notes with mouse on PC, I rather to set and edit the sounds (even drums etc.) with knobs and keys on the keyboard and record it as high quality digital audio directly to the DAW. Your kind advice is appreciated Many thanks in advance
  11. Control Map for Ableton please!

    Thanks a lot for your reply 👍
  12. Hi everyone If you don't have time to read my story and the reason of asking the following question please go directly to the question down there marked with *. 😃 I'm partially new to the world of digital/sampling music. I've been doing music mostly with real instruments and players and I have used the digital gears to record and mix the sounds. Now I have to enter to the digital/sampling world as I have to the job on myself and don't have access to the old band guys. Plus the professional high quality recording of real instruments is so much expensive. Well, I'm considering to buy a keyboard which can help me to the job at home studio and also be handful on live performances. So far I have got that Casio has the most budget friendly gears which are also professional. The key point is I'm not much good at consentrating on pc, using the mouse as an instrument and doing everything from A to Z in DAWs. I would use a machine which allows me to create the songs on itself by working with real keys, knobs, faders, choosing and editing the sounds, playing, recording and (basic) mixing inside it. Then to do the final note/audio cleaning, mixing (or mastering) in DAW on Pc still by using the real keys, knobs, faders on the keyboard. (I'm not sure if it sounds odd, but if so please let me know!) * In this case I need your recommend on the cheapest available Casio (or other brands) keyboard which is capable of working as: Workstation/Arranger/DAW Controller/ Multitrack Recorder* (*The last one is not crucial) I highly appreciate your kind advice!
  13. Detailed questions about MZ-X500 and DAW integration

    @BradMZ and @AntonioPasaribu, thanks a lot for your replies! I have to ask some important questionsrelated to the topic: Do the "pads" send data directly to DAW? I mean can record drums as MIDI or Audio data to DAW by playing on the pads? Do I need to set a control map to a DAW (e.g FL Studio) or the keyboard and DAW will recognize each other just by doing some basic setting? And finally if this maschine is not what I really need, what would you recommend that works as "Workstation/Arranger/DAW Controller/(Multi Track Recorder*)" *Not crucial I appreciate your kind advice 😃