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  1. Hi everyone, 1.Can I use the Mixer/Drawbar Organ Sliders to mix in real time a played MIDI file? (Lower or increase a specific/individual channel volume). 2.I have a lots of MIDI files where… bass guitar (for example) is on channel 2. Is there a free software to easily change MIDI to default MZ channels? Channel 9 = Percussion Channel 10 = Drums Channel 11 = Bass Channel 12 - 16 = Accompaniment 1 thru 5 Because in the SMF import tool, I have to manually change the channels so the rhythm can be imported/heard/played successfully with all the instruments. Even when I play them in player, they sound funny (not right). See this Romanian folklore Batuta - Taraneasca.MID (play it on PC and MZ). 3.Besides renaming .sty to .mid and SMF import to MZ series, is there another way to import styles from other keyboards (aka Roland, Korg…). A software? Free maybe? Thx. Maur.