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  1. CDP-130 as a player piano

    Words alone cannot express my gratitude! It is so generous of you to give all of us the benefits of your substantial knowledge, experience, and experimentation. Thank you, thank you! Everything worked EXACTLY the way you described. I am in your debt!
  2. CDP-130 as a player piano

    Thank you VERY much! Yes, I got this far, but do not see how to select a MIDI device in, say, Windows Media Player. Or are there better choices for a MIDI file player that will, indeed, permit me to select the keyboard as the device? I am quite excited about this prospect now that you have verified that it is possible!
  3. Is there any way to send a MIDI file from my computer over the USB ports on both so that it will play on the CDP-130? In other words, I have a MIDI piano file on my Windows 7 computer that I want to hear played on my Casio digital piano. Any way to do that? Thank you in advance.