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  1. seeking a better piano sound

    Thanks again for all the advice. Just to follow up, fwiw, the half-assed "solution" I came up with was turning the treble, mid-range and bass dials to zero. The result was a very, very bland sound (to my ears), but not inoffensive. I guess it was sort of like taking powerful bi-polar meds to control manic-depressive mood swings. Not perfect, by any means, but livable, at least for the situations I'm playing in. Preston
  2. seeking a better piano sound

    Thanks, Joe Muscara, CAVA and BradMZ. I really appreciate your comments. I'm going to incorporate your suggestions at home this week, and on Sunday, I'll have access to a PA, a guitar amp and a bass amp -- no keyboard amp, alas -- at a friend's rehearsal space, so I'll try to find the time to play around with them to see what sort of improvements I can make. Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, I'll report back next week in the hopes of hearing some follow-up comments and/or suggestions. So thanks again. Now, if somebody could just help me with my playing .... Preston
  3. Hi, all: I'm not sure how this question is going to fare since the only related post I could find went unanswered. But here goes. I'm an amateur, straight-ahead jazz pianist who plays in various group settings. When possible, I play an acoustic piano. But in rehearsal studios or playing out, I need an electronic keyboard. About a year ago, I bought a used PX-350 in excellent condition. I love the action of the keyboard, but I can't stand the sound. For the record, I use only the grand piano setting, and I run the unit through a PA, a powered speaker or a guitar amp. But no matter how I adjust the EQ settings or the volume, the sound of the keyboard is always too bright and thin, and if I optimize the sound (speaking euphemistically) for soloing, it's terrible for comping, and vice versa. I can't find anything in the user's guide that speaks to this issue. So .... Does anybody have any suggestions for improving the sound of this keyboard? Would a keyboard-specific amp make a dramatic difference? (Seems unlikely, but I'm clueless about this subject.) Alternatively, are there any effects devices that I could attach to the keyboard to modify the signal going to the amp or the PA to get a more authentic piano sound? I really like a lot about the keyboard -- the price, the portability, the feel. But if I can't improve the sound, I'm tempted to sell the Privia and upgrade to something better. Thanks.