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  1. Here's a really good comparison of the three main piano's of the Grand Hybrid series: Which one is your favorite and why? I have not decided yet, but... So far they don't sound digital to me!
  2. Perfect! Thanks Scott! Where I live it is not conducive to buying piano's. Because I live in Reno, I might as well live on Kauai.
  3. I'm located in either zipcode 89521 or 23185. I am in the process of moving to 23185. Thanks Scott!
  4. Where can I find a store that has one of these bad boys? I can't seem to be able to find a Casio Digital Piano store locator any where for Casio, via Google.
  5. Organ rotary effect?

    Thanks for the link and the idea Joe!
  6. Organ rotary effect?

    Thanks Scott! I know the new Roland LX-17 has a Leslie effect built into their organ and I was really hoping the Casio Grand Hybrid series had it too. For me it comes down to finding a Casio Hybrid and the LX-17 to try. Both pianos sound really good online and their features are very similar. The Kawai CA97 sounds a little to compressed for my tastes with its pianos. With the MP10 that I "had"; its sampled sounds were to compressed in the recording process and I hear some of the same effects of this compression in the CA97. I don't hear much, if any compression being applied to the GP-500's samples. I hope to play both the GP-500 and LX-17 soon and will report back here my impressions. Thanks again!
  7. Do the organs in these pianos support a Leslie rotary effect? I am not seeing anything in the manual. That would be a total bummer if it does not support this since I play jazz organ too.
  8. I just downloaded the Owners Manual and the Moonlight Sonata is in the music library. Would be great to hear a recording of it since it is native to the piano!
  9. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing some excellent videos/recordings. The closest Casio dealer to me is 2 hours, away over the mountains so it is a bit of a hassle. Thanks all!
  10. Hey Casio! Please post a version of Movement #1 using the new Celviano in a video? I would like (and others would like) to compare the new piano with this Youtube video: If your new piano sounds this good and plays as well, then they will go on back order quickly!