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  1. The FUTURE!!!

    XW-WCM (With Coherent Manual)
  2. learning to use XW-G1

    Something like that ...
  3. notes being chopped

    Thank you guys for your support on this one! I just absolutely don't get it, why is it such a problem for a big company like Casio to invest let's say $50K in creating a clearly written manual?! Don't they have a product research / market research department? Of course they do! Now, go to Musician's Friend website -- there is only one user review which also mentions that "the manual is very VERY VERY confusing!" -- not exactly a selling point. Right? And if I would write a review, I would write the same.
  4. Far from mastering -- my first attempt.

    Thank you, guys! I agree, there is room for improvements. Thank you for your encouragement!
  5. I'm far from mastering my XW-G1, and I'm not a keyboard musician. Just cooked something here and wanted to share with you. All done in step sequencing, with addition of a few notes added during "performance/recording" into two channels of Reaper, with TASCAM US-1641 interface: Hephaestus's little tricks Warning! Very dark
  6. step sequenser steps and solo ballance

    Alright, I got it. But please correct me if I'm wrong. So in the Perform mode, one shouldn't use Tone to select an instrument -- it will render in ungodly loud sound, and it might heart your ears! Instead one has to use Up or Down arrows to choose a Zone, and then go to Edit menu and in the Zone Param > Ent, change an instrument for soloing, and choose Volume for that instrument. Is that right?
  7. step sequenser steps and solo ballance

    Thank you Happyrat1 for your reply! As you suggested, I saved my sequence as a performance. Now I go through the instruments for soloing and they all sound just MUCH MUCH louder than the sequenced background I created. Every new instrument has to be adjusted volume-wise. And why should it be such big difference between those in the first place? Something obviously not right here.
  8. Hi everybody! I created tracks with step sequencer as would-be a background. Now I'm trying to play solo "on the fly" with this background. I press TONE to choose different instruments for soloing, and all instruments sound MUCH louder than my background. All my sequencer tracks' volume are at or around 100%. What do I do wrong? How do I achieve balance? It's XW-G1. Thank you for your help!
  9. The FUTURE!!!

    Interesting perspective. Although if one remembers any pieces of music gear, they all start with some great music made with those, and then somebody would ask: so what amp did J.Hx use for his amazing tone?! and so on. So far I haven't heard any "good" music done with XW. Oh well, there are lots of dancing fluff on Youtube... And of course this is not a fault of the XWs themselves -- they are fine pieces of electronic engineering, to say the least. I agree, Patrick Arend .. "The xw-p1 is worthy", so Let's hope for the future.
  10. Start creating.

    Go ahead, David, create sounds! And then share with us what you came up with.
  11. notes being chopped

    Thank you, Brad! Your version of the phrase sounds fine. Probably I don't understand something about XW's step-sequencing, i.e. -- I actually play in real time, and the machine quantized the notes on the fly. I just don't know if there is another method here to record, besides a phrase sequencer or a sample looper, which I don't know how to insert into the pattern. About the "tie" function -- thank you for explanation. I should play with it more, but I think I already did with the same unpredictable result. Of course, being sloppy, I can say, it's O.K. , nobody'll notice some minute things, but again, why not do it how I want to. If I can.
  12. notes being chopped

    I don't really understand why tempo should be slower .... but here is a recording, Brad, as you proposed - 60bpm. First two - played, second two -- recorded (sorry for some off-beat playing)). P.S. One thing I notticed, when I switched from 120bpm. to 60bpm., the whole phrase fitted on one line (1-8), as opposed to two lines (1-16). XW-G1_test_02.mp3
  13. notes being chopped

    I did firmware update to my XW-G1. It's 1.10 Some short, and some are actually longer. Tempo is 120
  14. notes being chopped

    Here is an MP3 file playing one phrase twice -- first is by me playing, and the second - already recorded. It was recorded in step sequencer, with all setting as above: bass: max step : 16 step size: 1/4 note length: 100% step edit: tie Mixer: Tone : P:135, Perc. Organ. Thank you for your help! XW-G1_test_01.mp3
  15. notes being chopped

    Thank you, Mike! I'll try to post something. Not much to show yet, in terms of finished work. But whenever you have time -- this is not urgent. Have a good time in Japan!