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    I am a self-employed language trainer and translator of Japanese into English. My main hobby is recording my own original music using many different musical instruments, and a ZOOM R24 multi track recorder.

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  1. PX-5S Grand Piano Sound

    Before I was able to upgrade the firmware on my new PX-5S, I recorded a solo piano version of Georgia On My Mind, directly to the USB drive that plugs into the keyboard itself. Here is how it sounds. https://soundcloud.com/north-island-music/georgia-on-my-mind-solo-piano With the new firmware upgrade, volume control of the audio recording function is now possible. In general, I am totally satisfied with my purchase of the PX-5S. I play it every day!
  2. Privia PX-5S Firmware Update v1.11 Available

    I am very happy to see a volume control capability added to the Audio Recorder function, in the Firmware Update for the PX-5S. Before the update was ready, I was surprised to notice that the fade out I had tried to insert at the end of a recording, with the volume control knob, didn't work at all. With the firmware update, it's a much better function. Over all, I absolutely love my PRIVIA PRO PX-5S which was delivered to my door on April 29, 2013. Finally, an authentic grand piano keyboard feel and sound, small enough to put on a table top, not to mention the synth functions etc. Thank you so much CASIO!