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  1. Thanks...not sure it totally explains what i'm trying to do. What I want to end up with is this........A Performance where I can switch between any of the 8 patterns for different drum patterns, but the voices that I physically play on the keyboard stay the same, ie, bass in bottom 2 octaves and piano in top 3 octaves. Do/can I to copy the voices from, say, pattern 1 to the other 7 patterns and then edit the drums on the other patterns, or do I have to set up each pattern individually; or, maybe, I could disconnect the voices that are played from the patterns? Thanks
  2. Keyboard Key/Tone change in Parts

    Yes you can! If you have the manual it's on page 53, the last part entitled "Changing the function assigned to the Master Slider". If you don't, here's the steps to do it:- make sure your in 'Step Sequencer', then press and hold down 'Func A/B' button on the far left of control panal, then 'Menu', then 'Right cursor >' to move to M.Slider, then 'Enter'. The screen now allows you to select which drum part to change, and very nicely on line 2, what to change; voice, groove, octave, and a few others. It's a bit long winded, but it's there. Hope this helps.
  3. HI... When I switch patterns while in Performance Mode, the voices that I'm playing, eg, bass in left hand and piano in right hand, they change to different voices with different zone settings and everything; how do I copy the zone settings from one pattern to another without having to go through the whole voice setup procedure again for each of the 8 patterns in a Performance? Thanks.
  4. No midi out on channels 7 upwards.

    Thanks for all comments.
  5. No midi out on channels 7 upwards.

    Many thanks for your answer.....from what you said, I've used a Preset Performance, changed it so it only has I zone, which then covers the whole keyrange, and then change the midi output channel by going into Performance edit / Midi Edit / External out channel, and changing the channel there. It's working, but it would be nice to find a more elegant and more easily accessable way to do it, maybe fron the top level of a performance.
  6. I've linked my XW-P1 via 5pin midi cable to a Yamaha RM1x. When I play the keyboard on the XW in the mixer mode, I get midi info arriving at the RM1x, but only for channels 1 to 6. Channels 7 to 16 dont seem to be outputting any midi data. the RM1X has a midi receive light to verify this. Anyone know what I might need to do, or is midi data not transmitted from the XW on channels 7 to 16? Thanks.