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  1. PX-3 pro....or no?

    I picked one of these up sight-unseen after hearing the great piano sounds (youtube) and good things about the keyboard. All true. very nice. But... Why does it program like it's from 1985? With it's tiny screen and odd menu system? I've had other Casios that were more intuitive- a decade ago. So I go online to see if there are any presets or 'registrations' and there are a ton for the 5s, yet none for the lowly 3. I tried to load some of the files for PX-5s, but no dice. Hacks? Firmware? Should I keep the redheaded step-child , or trade-up to the Big-Boy 5s for the active community? In 2011 Casio elevated their popular Privia piano line to pro status with the PX-3, an 88-note, weighted keyboard stage piano and controller.