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  1. Sorry, I missed mentioning the piano type. Celviano AP-450. I would be disappointed if the piano could not save "song recorder" audio to a wav. Look forward to hearing from you.
  2. How can save a song recorder song to a WAV file on a USB? If this is in the manual, would appreciate know the page. Page E-19 mentions something similar, but not exactly the same. Thanks! David
  3. Here is something for you all to make using the AP-450 a lot easier. Attached is a function template. I printed it out and then glued the paper onto a cereal box for rigidity. I cut to size with a paper cutter and used an exacto knife to cut away the areas for the blakc keys. The template then fits nicely on the piano. No more referring to the manual mid-song in order to use a function. David P.S. Surprised this is not included with the piano. 2 pieces of light cardboard is not a big cost. Piano Template.pdf
  4. Thank you Jared! It worked. What is the process in Casio to have errors in the manual corrected?
  5. Brad, I think Jared is from Casio right? I looked in the manual and did not find any telephone numbers or email address for warranty issues. Any ideas?
  6. Brad, definitely pushed Song Recorder just like the manual says.
  7. Proof 2. Better angle to see the buttons. Please help.
  8. Brad, thanks for writing. Followed the instructions for deleting track 1 and for deleting track 2. No luck. Here's the proof: No what do I do? How do I get help?
  9. Brad, the track is not deleted. We still have the 'phantom' bass note in there. I can take a video of this if you think it would help.
  10. Hi Brad and Jared. Have really to follow the manual. The video below shows that the piano is behaving differently than what the manual says. Or am I doing something wrong?
  11. Hi Scott and Brad. Just in case you think I'm either lazy or 2 bricks short of a load, there are several areas where the manual is wrong. Honest. I try the manual before I post here. In fact I try and ty and try the manual before I post. I've made a video showing how I am following the manual word for word and the piano is not doing what is written in the manual. Please help. David
  12. Thank you!! Now back to another post I made. How to delete? It does not work. I need help. Any way anyone can call me by phone? Or via iPad Facetime?
  13. If any casio people are reading this, can you please let me know who to contact for a product defect. Each time I record with the song recorder, the piano inserts a "phantom" note after a few seconds. It's always the same note (a very low bass). I can show this to you. I recorded 2 songs and saved them as midi files and attached them to this post. I stopped playing as soon as I heard the deep "phantom" note which means you can hear it at the end of the file. This note is not coming from me, I did not play it in either of the 2 sample files. I happens every time I record a song. Please let me know how to get the piano repaired. (i.e. email address, telephone number etc.) We are in Germany. David Stephens RECSONG66.MID RECSONG62.MID
  14. Save MIDI on a USB

    Brad, Can you check this out on your own piano.... Hitting the "USB mode" key causes a beep. Hitting the save or the load keys does not cause a beep. Very odd. Let me know if this is also the case on your piano. David
  15. Cannot delete a recorded song

    Yes, trying to delete a song recorder file. Not an audio recording. No USB is inserted. Any help would be appreciated.