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  1. New Wishlist

    Patch remain without volume jumps (to/from Hex layers too..) or cut outs for me. Patch remain was a selling feature that I chose the PX5s - it is not quite there current state -
  2. Stage Settings and Tones

    Mike - I think this might be worthy of a firmware update request (if more may be coming). BradMZ's reply is something I can do for "some" patch changes - but not all. Other keyboards I have used that have the "patch remain" feature permit the patch change to be smoother without abrupt volume or other changes on selection of the next (target) patch. Essentially the previous stage setting should naturally sustain/fade and not "inherit" the target stage setting volume or other settings until at least the first key-on press post patch change - (the fact the PX5s can do this at all is a welcome feature... that exceeds other keyboards 2x the price .. I just think it could be one notch better.) thanks tobiwankinobe
  3. Stage Settings and Tones

    Volume jumps when changing Stage Settings: I just received my PX-5s this week. Having some fun getting know my way around. I notice when changing from one stage setting to another, that sustained notes seem to want to inherit the "change to" or target stage setting volume zone settings immediately as opposed to waiting for the first key on sequence to latch on to the new stage setting just changed to. Is there any way to alter the behavior so stage settings settings kick in on 1st key on/press when moving from one stage setting to another? thanks