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  1. My XW-P1 can ROCK!!

    Here we have the first official video of my hard-prog band NUDO. The XW P1 showcase is power with solo synth and velocity hex layer, Thanx everybody for listening !! Carlo Quadrato
  2. The Chase

    Played with my band, with a drummer and a bass player, the hammond sound was from the P1 plus gsi burn, a 88880000 drawbar, the wah wah clavi was from kurz sp7, i used an expression pedal for playing with the effect
  3. The Chase

    A chase between Casio and Kurz (and bass and drums...) The Chase The XW P1 was with a GSI Burn here...
  4. Low output volume

    uhmmm Must say that the PCM sounds are lower than SOLO synth and drawbar organ, but not so lower as you noted...for example the volume on piano sound is 127??
  5. Atom Age Empire - Pazzo

    and the last one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt4IdL-h5EU
  6. Atom Age Empire - Pazzo

    This is another tune by my band. My gear: - Casio XW-P1 - Solo synth (a patch modifyied by the original Snake Charmin 2-3), drawbar organ, second manual an 88884000 drawbar set for the chords only,rotary slow, no percussion; - Kurzweil SP4-7 - a piano + pad setup - Clavia nord C2 - Organ solo, with half overdrive, chorus C2, 88880000 drawbar setting, percussion 2nd This one, like the previous one, is from a demo (almost live), so is not the "official" product, Any andvice, comment, opinion is Welcome! Thank u guys!!!
  7. Rigged Rat Race

    What a powerful sound! The drum kit was from xw or from kurz? Well Done!!
  8. Here there and everywhere( piano )

    nice work, and nice sound the Px5! Did you used a preset or a patch created/modifyied?
  9. P. Portamento - "Song for Naty and Martin"

    Well done! you only used Casio in this tune?
  10. An extract by our demo "Pazzo", it has been recorded almost totally live, using: - Casio Xw-P1 for a synth sound edited by me - Nord C2 for the hammond sound Thank you for your attention: Atom Age Empire - Pazzo Any advice, opinion, comment in order of sound, recording quality, composition is well accepted
  11. Better Leslie Simulation?

    Like Mike Martin said, thje P1 cannot be like a Nord C2 ! But, let me tell a funny experience: during the last gig I put my p1 into a guitar amp...I played some hard rock tunes ...and the "output" was amazing, really enjoyed that cruchy overdrive...with an 88880000 set of drawbar!
  12. The P1 rules!

    We can scream it!!! The P1 rules! is the best thing for quality/price ratio and is an amazig live machine
  13. lower notes are mute

    Sometimes happens in tone mode or performance that the keys of the lowest octave don't play..are mute..last time happened in tone mode while playing a user tone(organ),i changed tone, but provlem peraisted..so switxhed off and restard and was ok... Wich is the cause?