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  1. Just received my PX560

    .....what a lovely stage piano, especially for the money. One niggle for me - love the onboard transpose button and the touch screen but why does the transpose only highlight on screen while on the main screen? Shame the small black strip with important info didn't stay permanently on the screen while going through sounds etc., I had a quick try of some other sounds - generally not great but I bought it for the keybed action, main piano sound, dedicated transpose and built in speakers are handy for rehearsal.
  2. PX560 built in speakers.

    Really looking forward to checking out the 560. Expression port and dedicated transpose buttons are a great addition.
  3. Urgent query!!

    Does the Casio Privia PX5S come with a manual/discs etc., when new?
  4. How to send all midi data?

    Aye, I know it's not too bad.....should have a dedicated button mind you. But I thought there would have been a way to send the transpose info from the MOXF too. Ah well.....
  5. How to send all midi data?

    Hi, I'm primarily using the PX5S as a controller keyboard for the Yamaha MOXF6 (just received it a few days ago....they make a lovely couple ). If I transpose the MOXF (using the dedicated transpose buttons - hopefully Casio implement this in their next stage piano/keyboard) this data does not transmit to the PX5S. I need to go in and alter that on the PX5S itself. Anyone any idea on how to send the likes of the transpose data via midi?
  6. Midi controller problems

    Just a quick follow up. Connected the MOX via 5 pin midi to both my NI K6 and the PX5S. Everything working like a dream now (NI K6 would randomly cut out and not be recognised when I first connected everything up this way, which was very strange. But I powered down and switched the USB port on the back of my PC for the K6 and thankfully it is working fine - weird......but it works!!). Thanks for the replies folks. Much appreciated as always.
  7. Midi controller problems

    Hi Choppin, thanks for that mate. I've actually worked out whats wrong. When both the px5s and mox are set to act as controller I'm getting a "loop" type effect ONLY from the PX5S and the asio spikes in my Cubase meter. However, when I quickly change the MIDI IN/OUT to "midi" on the MOX (basically rendering it back to audio output only and the PX5S controlling it) the PX5S works fine. So I just need to do that quick change in the utility setting of the MOX dependent on which keyboard I want to use as a controller. I'm going to fool around with another 5 pin midi cable shortly and see if that can override the above issue. But even as it is, it's fine and not a major problem now I've sussed it out.
  8. Midi controller problems

    No Brad, I use the PX5S for it's own sounds and for controlling midi. Basically, I want the PX5S to be able to control the MOX6 so that is why I have the 5 pin midi. I want to be able to record audio from both. I also want to use both as midi controllers, simply because for certain VSTs the synth action keys are more suitable than weighted keys - also the expression port on the MOX is another bonus. It is all working OK - it's just the sound from the PX5S when used as a controller isn't "right" as well as the asio spikes. I do think it's some sort of loop but it seems more prevalent in Kontakt strangely because I tried Halion 5 last night and it sounded OK. Weird and hopefully I can get it resolved. Kontakt sounds perfect with no asio spikes when using the MOX.
  9. Midi controller problems

    I have the MOX6 and the PX5S connected to my PC via USB and then to each other via the 5 pin cable. I
  10. Midi controller problems

    Brad, I actually think something like this is the case in Kontakt. Any advice on how to check/resolve?
  11. Midi controller problems

    Hi, I've been trying just piano etc., but still no joy. Can't for the life of me work out whats going wrong!!
  12. Midi controller problems

    Hi Scott. Thanks for replying. Yeah, I have it turned off.
  13. Midi controller problems

    Hi folks, I have the PX5S and a MOX6 connected to my PC via a NI Komplete 6 audio interface (a great unit by the way). I can control any VSTs from either the MOX6 or the PX5S. So all good? .............not quite. For some strange reason the MOX6 controls the VSTs perfectly, with little asio usage. When I try to play the same VST from the PX5S you can visibly see the asio usage increase with each note and it spikes uncontrollably. As I said, the same VST with the exact same setup works perfectly via the MOX6. Is there a particular stage setting that is more suitable for controlling VSTs? Or does anyone have any idea how I can sort this issue? Many thanks.
  14. Almost decided upon the PX5S but.....

    So there we go............the PX5S is so good I have ordered it twice!! As I said above I had a feeling I'd go back to it again but wanted to try the MOXF8 etc., and for the money and key feel etc., the PX5S is going to be my main controller keyboard with the added bonus of some great sounds itself. I'll match it up with my MOX6 at the minute and will upgrade to a MOXF6 when I see a pre-owned one around.
  15. Using PX5S as a controller - half damper?

    I'll def have to get this sorted in that case. I'm not a "weakling" but I struggled to trigger velocity articulations in VSTs. Will report back from A&E when I give it another go